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1. Start Small Going whole hog right from the start is a recipe for relapse. Instead, start small. As a parallel example, if you want to start exercising but can’t fathom committing to a gym routine, then start with five minutes a day. (I started that way and progressed to an hour — which I now love). Even if you don’t think it will make a big difference, the small […]

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Timing and seasons Spring is always the busiest time of the year. There will be more houses for you to see, and sellers may be vying for your offer. On the other hand, other buyers may be interested in a property you really like. July is the busiest time for movers and shippers and they often hike up their rates. Real estate agents will be busier in spring than at […]

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Wondering whether you should rent vs buy a home? Buying Purchase costs are the costs you incur when you go to the closing for the home you are purchasing. This includes the down payment and typical closing costs. Yearly costs are recurring monthly or yearly expenses. These include mortgage payments, condo fees (or other community living fees), renovation costs, maintenance costs, property taxes and homeowner’s insurance. Property taxes, the interest part of […]

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Amounts Owed Tips This category contributes 30% to your score’s calculation and can be easier to clean up than payment history, but that requires financial discipline and understanding the tips below. Keep balances low on credit cards and other “revolving credit”. High outstanding debt can affect a credit score. Pay off debt rather than moving it around. The most effective way to improve your credit score in this area is […]

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Paying off your mortgage early can actually make very sound financial sense. It can end up saving thousands of dollars of interest costs in the long run. These are a few tips to help you if you are wanting to pay off a mortgage early. Tip #1: Once you have secured a mortgage on your home, commonly with the purchase of your new home, make extra payments as early as you can […]

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